Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blind Eye Photography

Well, to start I need to say I have been doing photography all my life, from as far back as I can remember. As a kid right on up till now the bigger kid
I am today. I was of course the hobby photographer and then married in to a family of professionals that set the hook in me to become more serious.
I used SLR cameras for the longest time when I started to notice my shots were continuously blurry no matter what correction I was doing with focus on
The camera. Off to eye doc to get "better" glasses or contacts so I thought. This is when I was diagnosed with RP (10 yrs now) so, for a while I let
My photography sit on the side as I became depressed and annoyed, angry, all those normal emotions one feels going thru this.
Then the day came I just decided "to hell with it" I can make this work, just take more time deciding what shot I was taking, what I was doing and most
Of all if I needed help. My husband Dan is big on telling me I can do anything, so he has encouraged my love of photography in any way he can.
Now I have a DSLR (digital SLR) and I am loving my photography more and more every time I go out and get my WOW shots. I love to take pictures of nature
and sometimes I will have to ask Dan where a bird I hear is and he helps me by pointing me in the right direction but I am the one taking the photo, (we
Are a great team). Dan generally tells me using a clock as a locator for me, it works pretty good. I also use the eyepiece on my camera not the LCD screen
As I cannot see it, so the eyepiece helps keep out light when I am trying to focus in on my shot. Many shots I have taken I don't know what I have until
I get home to my computer, so it is sometimes a wonderful surprise on my screen.
Being visually impaired I do have to really take my time, pick my shots carefully, if I am looking for something specific, but if I am just having fun out
with my husband and dogs, I just aim and shoot.
TTFN Nora Devane, California
"My Sunshine Does Not Come From the Skies,
It Comes From the Love in My Dog's Eyes"

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