Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fatal Friendship

Fatal FriendshipDianne Dee
Dean Morris had led a complicated and rough life. Having gone to a small school in Louisiana, he was known to be a bully by his classmates. He grew up with a large family of eight and remained apart from the rest of his siblings; however, he had been close to his mom. He seemed to always find trouble, but he thought that trouble would find him instead. Some would say that the end of his life could have been predicted from the way he had grown up during his childhood.His parents thought that things would change for him when he met and married Dana Harris. They thought that she would change his life for the best but would later discover that was not the case. Manny, his best friend, and he had problems but were able to work them out together. No one had known that the friendship would end with Dean’s death or that the lives of almost everyone in that town would never be the same.

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